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Sandra Olper Moussan, CPCC, ACC
Phone (973) 580-4428

“What is your dream?” was the first question I was ever asked by a coach. As I recall that moment, I still feel the warm sensation I felt then, like a child allowed to play and create new ways of experiencing life. There were no rules or limitations. The realization that I could live my life more in accordance to my dreams and values instead of the “shoulds” or “have tos” was enough for me to decide that coaching was for me! As a Life Coach, I know that I can help people find ways to expand their idea of what their life can be. So get on board, enjoy your life, and make it more meaningful, because it is definitely not a dress rehearsal!

Sandra has a passion for helping people discover who they really want to be. As a coach, she encourages them to explore their values and make choices that will enable them to reach their full potential.

Sandra loves interacting with people. Her strong connection, liveliness, authenticity and playfulness are all very evident whether she is with her clients, in workshops or in speaking engagements.

Sandra was born and raised in Mexico City. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Brandeis University. She specialized in Clinical Psychology from the UNAM (National University of Mexico) and also earned a degree in Gestalt Therapy. She is a trained Professional Co-active Coach from the highly acclaimed Coaches Training Institute (CTI). She is also a coach and co-founder at atrio Professional Life Coaches
as well as an active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Along with her husband and two young daughters, Sandra has enjoyed the experience of living abroad in different countries in Europe and America. It has helped her to stay open minded, to adapt to foreign places, and to have a better understanding of cross cultural issues. This has proven to be a great asset in her work with people who have relocated from their country of origin or simply moved to a new place within their own country.

Currently, Sandra lives in New Jersey. She chooses to follow her dream, to remain loyal to her values and to be aware of the fact that she always has a choice! Being a mom, maintaining a strong relationship with her husband, and having an invigorating working life are all parts of Sandra’s values. The way she chooses to juggle these is sometimes an art, but knowing that she is always at choice makes her feel empowered and ready to conquer the next challenge.

Sandra loves spending time with friends and family, going to the movies, doing yoga, travelling and staying curious about everything that is inside and outside her own world!


“I want to thank Sandra for the wonderful experience that I had with her as a Life Coach. I moved from Mexico to the U.S.A three years ago when I was 3 months pregnant with my second child. I had just begun to adjust when the company that my husband works for, decided it was time to move again. I was in shock experiencing anxiety, uncertainty and just overwhelmed by the situation.
Just being able to talk with Sandra in Spanish helped me a lot because I was able to express myself openly and precisely. She guided me step by step making me feel stronger than ever, the anxiety and uncertainty were gone and I was able to take control of my life again.

Thanks Sandra for your support and for speaking with such honesty and truth always.”

Alejandra Ramirez

"I had never met Sandra before. She was one of three different Life Coaches I "interviewed" over the phone. Her voice fascinated me and I was drawn to its musical quality and warmth.  She piqued my curiosity and I have not been disappointed. She has a gift for really listening and hearing what you have to say without judgement or ridicule, but certainly with a sense of levity and humor. Sandra is both serious and playful and brings a lightness and clarity to our conversations on the phone which relaxes me enough to see other possibilities and solutions to any challenge I may be having difficulty seeing my way through. I look forward to our twice a month phone get-togethers."


“I first contacted Sandra early this year to help me conquer my long-lasting procrastination and untidiness problems. Our sessions over the phone began amidst turmoil of financial and chronic physical and psychological health problems. Thus, ours has been a bumpy ride covering many more aspects than I originally expected.

Sandra has been very understanding, showing great flexibility in modifying action plans in order to help me deal with anger, frustration and anxieties along the way. She has helped me analyze my feelings, achieve and enjoy goals, even discover positive personality traits that I had ignored.
Currently, I’m trying to undertake a series of mid and long term goals, one step at a time and enjoying any progress I make. I have also learned to bottom-line instead of proliferating in details.
Thank you, Sandra”

Ernesto Herrera

“El coaching es totalmente nuevo para mí. Tan solo llevo unas cuantas sesiones, pero desde el primer día Sandra me inspiró muchísima confianza y logró detectar no solo mis fortalezas y debilidades, sino además el sinnúmero de barreras que me impiden ver mi entorno claramente. Sandra me ha hecho ver que tengo una fuerza interior increíble, que es la que me ha impulsado a seguir adelante en los momentos más dolorosos que he vivido. Con la guía de mi coach he ido encontrando herramientas necesarias para volver a construir objetivos de vida. Poco a poco voy recuperando la confianza en mí y a ver la vida de una manera más positive.”

Maria Isabel.        
“Coaching is completely new to me. I have only had a few sessions, but from the very first day, Sandra made me feel very comfortable and managed to detect not only my strengths and weaknesses, but also the countless barriers that prevent me from seeing my surroundings with clarity. Sandra has helped me become aware of my incredible inner strength which has impelled me to move forward during the most painful moments of my life. With my coach’s guidance, I have begun to find the necessary tools to create new goals for myself. Little by little I have regained my self confidence, and I now see life in a more positive way. (Translated from Spanish).”

Maria Isabel


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